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Online Business – The Cure For Global Economic Woes

The economic crisis has reached its fourth anniversary but the impacts are still haunting us. Yet show only little sign of abating. We all still remember what happen in 2008, when Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. It was the largest bankruptcy filling in the US history.  The shutdown of the 4th biggest Wall Street firm, at least at that time, …

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SeekDotNet Launch New Windows Hosting with Free MSSQL and Sitebuilder –the Cure for Global Economic Woes

SeekDotNet is launching the latest ASP.NET hosting plans to provide more high quality and affordable hosting products and services to allow personal and organization build their impressive website to be on the top of the competition. SeekDotNet a leader in Web hosting services for individuals and small businesses, is launching the latest ASP.NET hosting plans to provide more high quality …

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Windows Hosting – Why Go for Windows Hosting

If you plan to run your own website for this you need a web hosting service. But while choosing a hosting provider can be a difficult task if you apply online. Before choosing an accommodation, you are supposed to know what kind of programs you want to host your site. There is information you need to know before you start …

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Windows Reseller Hosting for Web Designer

Windows reseller hosting is a good option if you are planning to start your own web designing company. Windows hosting plan is considered better than shared hosting plans. It is generally flexible and has many features that have made windows hosting popular. If you choose a windows reseller hosting, ensure that you get all the benefits as this hosting plan …

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The Importance of Website Uptime

What is the importance of web hosting uptime? The uptime factor refers to how often your website is accessible to the public. You have to understand that some businesses are so dependent on e-commerce and web marketing, that just a few minutes of downtime (in which the website is unavailable) could cost thousands of dollars in losses. Therefore, website uptime …

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Top 10 Reasons People Choose Windows Server 2008 with

There are many web hosting company offer Windows hosting products and services. But how many are reliable? offers Windows hosting services that have gained clients reliance. These are top 10 reasons clients choose 1)’s Windows web hosting and ASP.NET hosting fully integrated and compatible with Windows 2008 Hosting. 2) Every website is hosted using Isolated Application Pool …

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