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ISAPI Rewrite in ASP.NET

The ideal way to do rewriting for ASP.NET is use both ISAPI in combination with a .NET modue. ISAPI rewrite gives that edge of power over IIS that a class inside ASP.NET can’t, so urls can look like directories (‘/’) rather then .aspx pages, plus the ISAPI rewrite configuration file is very convenient and configurable. The .NET module comes in …

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ISAPI Rewrite Are Now Supported In ASP.NET Hosting Plans are one of the few hosting providers that proudly announced the supported ISAPI Rewrite modules in all ASP.NET Hosting Plans. Currently, the ISAPI Rewrite modules are fully supported on all Windows hosting plans, ASP web hosting, IIS 7 hosting. The advantages of using the ISAPI Rewrite technology are: 1) It acts mostly like Apache’s mod_Rewrite 2) ISAPI_Rewrite is an …

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