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Automatic Refresh data on page using AJAX Update Panel

    You can automatic refresh data on an ASP.NET page after a certain interval using AJAX UpdatePanel and other controls. I am using some Ajax controls and using SQL server database and Data Grid control. Database name is north wind. In this application my interval time for refresh data is 60 second. We can change your time by times …

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Advantages & Disadvantages of ASP.Net Ajax Hosting

Ajax-enabled Hosting Server Controls One of the strength of the ASP.NET programming model is the ability to encapsulate the markup of a portion of the page and render it dynamically. The rendering logic is located inside an object called a Server Control. The responsibility of this object is simple: it determines which HTML will be written to the response stream, …

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AJAX Control Toolkit 3.0

Microsoft have released the new .NET AJAX¬† framework 3.0, this release includes three important new controls: HTMLEditor The HTMLEditor control allows you to easily create and edit HTML content. You can edit in design mode, as a rich text editor, or in source view to edit the HTML markup directly. ComboBox The ComboBox control provides a DropDownList of items, combined …

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