Monday , 15 July 2024
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The Advantages of SugarCRM

the advantages of sugarCRMRelatively new open-source solution, SugarCRM has gained much attention from corporate and business people to reorganize their management process. SugarCRM, stands for Customer Relationship Management, system provides tools that will be very effective for integrating information system. This is why SugarCRM gains more and more popularity among corporate and business website developers.

Company’s management needs an information system to plan and control data, such as sales or payment data in its organization. With SugarCRM, many aspects of business management including marketing, customer service, technical support and more are easy to carry out. Not only inside the organization, it also comes with the ability to create smooth communication with the customers as feedback from customers can be delivered easily.
SugarCRM is available in two versions, free and commercial and is developed using PHP and provides basic CRM functions like sales management, lead tracking, project management and issue tracking among others. The main advantage of this solution is to improve durable growth and profitability by understanding customer behavior and shaping policies based on these understanding. But there are many more advantages you can gain from SugarCRM, which are:

  1. Low cost

If you decide to use the free version, you will only have to pay for the support and customization. Although it’s free, SugarCRM still provides excellent and robust solutions for small and medium-sized business.

2. Rich features

There are 40 major development tools, which can be integrated to give your business a robust solution and meet your needs along with those of your customers. Think of a customer management tool and rest be assured that it comes with SugarCRM.

3. User-friendly

You don’t need high IT knowledge to run this application since it is easy to use and web-based solutions.

4. Easy to customize

There are some plug-ins that can be used to customize your website if you want your website to be unique as you desire.

5. Compatible with all platforms

SugarCRM can be used with different platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac or Unix.


There are many customer management tools out there, but you should consider to give SugarCRM a try, especially if you are looking for easy to use and beneficial solutions.

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