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Connect & Communicate with Silverlight Desktop Sidebar

silverlight desktop sidebar

Silverlight is a development platform for writing and running rich internet applications that can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux based computer systems. Silverlight allows you to write nearly all applications. Today I want to address a topic on desktop sidebar, an application you can find in Silverlight.

As we know, desktop sidebar helps user to employ function on a computer, such as calendars, clock, incoming emails and so on. Sidebars are usually not cross platform which means a Windows sidebar can’ run on a Linux based machine. This issue can be solved by using Silverlight desktop sidebar.

For example, you are in the middle of online sales deal with two clients. One of the client use Linux and the other one use Mac. A Silverlight Desktop Sidebar would allow you and your clients to share the same gadgets and communicate with each other in real time. Many developers target one platform so this would allow users of the less targeted platforms to access applications that usually only the other platform receives.

Development of a sidebar application is not a simple job because it should have a plug in interface so different developers will add functionality to the system. Security is a significant issue. With Silverlight the flexibility to make a secure cross platform desktop sidebar has been created easier. Gadget developers will target 3 major operating system platforms from one development platform and find a bigger audience to use their gadgets.

Windows, Mac/Apple, Linux users will IM, share lists, music listening and plenty of different things while not having to use many completely different websites to speak with one another in such fashions. they might be able to higher collaborate from their PCs despite witch operating system platform their collaborator(s) uses. Through Silverlight development they might be able to share constant desktop application and communicate in real time whereas using the applying for higher collaboration from the desktop that is quicker that the net applications that permit constant.

End users with machines that run multiple operating systems will save cash in that they would not have to be compelled to get a similar application for various operating systems since the Silverlight application can run on the various operating systems their machines use.

Developers are going to be able to target Silverlight and their application and not the intricacies of managing multiple development platforms to focus on the various operating platforms. this could permit them to induce their applications to plug sooner for all platforms and target a lot of strong functionalities inside their applications. Developers won’t have a lot of technologies and paradigms to master so as to form nice applications for multiple platforms.

Silverlight adaptation is not as wide because it are. several companies have tailored it since version one.0 beta and presently in version four.0 release. Silverlight is poised to be the long run for several developers due to the powerful underlying coding languages supported and its powerful cross platform capabilities. Silverlight development permits software developers additional choices to quickly target virtually the whole computing audience from one development platform. That in itself is wonderful and value taking the time to become Silverlight proficient.

A Silverlight Desktop Sidebar application may be a nice project for Silverlight developers and to induce a bigger developer and user audience involvement.

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