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What Is SharePoint Hosting ?

What SharePoint 2010 hosting has in store for you? SharePoint 2010 hosting has more choices and capabilities when it comes to collaboration in your company. SharePoint hosting includes the products Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 by Microsoft. With these applications you can collaborate within your company (intranet) or your customers (extranet) while hosting the whole application outside your company. This means you will able to present social networking, a platform for sharing files, blogs and wikis, as well as a platform for sharing out information without the need to uphold own server, plan for backup and restore or security. The hosting provider will do all the works.

Some features and resources present by a hosted SharePoint platform comprise the option to subscribe to RSS feeds to get updates about new or changes content. The announcements feature you can make news for all or a certain group of customers using different permissions. It will help you to push or pull news and information you need.

By employing contact lists or calendars you can match your own calendar and contact information stored in Outlook 2007 or 2010 with the information saved in SharePoint. Also you are able to create meeting workspace with the information and documents saved in SharePoint and synchronized with Outlook. All document stored at SharePoint can be made accessible to other people who can revise and share the latest version. Documents include Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations. You can directly access and open the document using your browser. After saving a document, the current version is also saved inside SharePoint meaning you don’t need to save it locally.

In addition you can form a task list in order to trace the status of a certain assignment. You don’t have to open SharePoint since the task list can be synchronized and managed directly in Outlook. The task list let a project manager to watch the development of a project and monitor every single assignment.

SharePoint 2010 allows you to build and use blogs and wikis, facilitate you to publish information or to collaborate on articles with your customers and colleagues. Blogs and wikis only offered two site templates. Moreover there are team sites for collaboration, a search center or other templates relating to business tasks like marketing, human resources or IT management.

The most significant thing about SharePoint hosting is the accessibility via the browser. Using your browser and SharePoint hosting you have unlimited control inside your company and firewall to access your information. You can retrieve them from different locations using different devices such as mobile devices. The management itself is also done using the browser. Allowing access, setting permissions or building sites and lists is only some of the things you can do. With SharePoint 2010 you are now not limited to user Internet Explorer.

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