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How to Change the Design of SharePoint 2010 Site

SharePoint 2010 tutorial

When running a business, you most definitely want everything well organized and well prepared. It won’t be much of problem if you own a small business that has only two or three departments. If you run a company that has several departments, while has to maintain networking inside and outside your company, what kind of tools would you use to ensure that everything will always run smoothly? SharePoint 2010 can solve this problem. SharePoint 2010 Microblogging System actually a business collaboration platform. With the help of this business collaboration, you would be able to get connected and empowered to different people through variety of features. At the same time, the Microsoft SharePoint greatly helps to cut down the cost with a kind of unified infrastructure. It would also work well to respond to any of your business needs at a fast rate. Let’s say you have installed SharePoint 2010 software for you business network and now you want to change the look and feel of it. Firstly, you can change the look and feel of SharePoint site more professional.  A well adjusted and managed SharePoint will help users navigate easily. Following are step by step of how to change the look and feel of your SharePoint site:

How to perform:

The design of SharePoint site can be change by the inbuilt its tool areas. There are three tools area in the SharePoint database, which are:

  1. Browser Tool Area
  2. SharePoint Tool Area
  3. Code Solutions Tool Area
  1. Browser Tool Area

    This tool area is used to alter and customize pages, global settings, navigations, themes and many more. There is an important option in this tool area i.e. ribbon option. Ribbon option allows database administrator to add and change images, texts, web parts and many more.

  2. SharePoint Tool Area

    This tool area contains three software; SharePoint designer software, MS Office profession software and last Infopath software. With the help of these software, you can change the appearance of views, pages, forms and sites. You can customize layout and CSS of SharePoint site by SharePoint designer.

  3. Code Solution Tool Area

    This area contains the code solution that can be created by the Visual Studio 2010 program. With the help of code solution, you can control the design of your site as well as SharePoint product itself.

How to customize page element

Above three tool areas are helpful in changing the design of SharePoint site but point comes, how to customize appearance and behavior of individual element in page.


You can customize appearance and behavior of individual element by master pages and CSS (cascading style sheet).

What will you do when power failure occurs during changes

Consider a situation wherein, you are changing the design of SharePoint database and suddenly power failure occurs. When you restart SharePoint database, there is an error message appears and state that there is some corruption in its document. At this situation you should try any third party recovery software for SharePoint to repair corrupt SharePoint document. You can now host and manage your Sharepoint hosting site with with affordable prices and reliable support team. Contact at to request for assistance on setting up your SharePoint site.

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