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Windows Hosting – The Benefits of Using Windows Server 2008 Web Hosting

Nowadays, some web hosting company are started to integrate the all brand new Windows Server 2008 as a web hosting services which has built-in Web & virtualization technologies, increases the reliability of their server infrastructure. The Windows Server 2008 integrated with new technologies such as virtualization tools, Web resources & security enhancements which help us to save time, costs. It also provides a platform for a dynamic & optimized datacenter for business users. With the authority to access to the new tools such as Windows Server Manager, we can easily have a higher control of the optimization and web management tasks. It can be even more good news for users like us because if we uses Windows Server 2008 web hosting, we can felt secure with the advanced security that will help us to protect the server environment to ensure the smoothness of our daily business routine.

Well Customized for the Web Users
Windows Server 2008 web hosting which integrated with IIS7 will be able to help us to simplify the web server management. This can be seen by IIS7 able to provide us with simplified management interface and greater cross site control. We are able to share the data on much higher level if we choose to use the IIS7 with .NET Framework 4.0.

Robust Virtualization Technology

by using the Window Server 2008 web hosting services, we are able to virtualize multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, Fedora, etc.) on a single server. Due to simpler, more flexible licensing policies we are able to take full advantage of all the benefits and cost savings of virtualization. By the great help of Windows Server 2008 we can build up a dynamic datacenter able to adapt rapidly and smoothly to changing business needs. Application deployment is now secure and convenient without the need for a VPN.

Security Matter the Most
As we know, the Windows Server 2008 is the most secure Windows Server ever. Its hardened operating system and security innovations, including Network Access Protection, Federated Rights Management, and Read-Only Domain Controller, provide unprecedented levels of protection for your network, your data, and your business. In case we are facing the failure and intrusion for servers, networks, data, and user accounts Windows Server 2008 will help to protect against it.
Windows Server 2008 with Network Access Protection gives you the power to isolate computers that don’t comply with your organization’s security policies, and provides network restriction, remediation, and ongoing compliance checking.

A Solid Foundation for Your Business Needs
Windows Server 2008 is the most flexible and robust Windows Server operating system to date. With new technologies and features such as Server Core, Power Shell, Windows Deployment Services, and enhanced networking and clustering technologies. If we choose to host our website with Windows Server 2008, we can enjoy the most versatile and reliable Windows platform for all of our workload and application requirements where this can increase our productivity. as a Leading Company for Windows Hosting and ASP.NET Hosting support the latest Windows 2008 Server technology and the latest ASP.NET technology.

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