Monday , 24 June 2024
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Windows 2008 Hosting With IIS 7 in All Hosting Plans! proudly accounces the released of new Windows 2008 hosting.

All new hosting accounts sign up will be provisioned in Windows 2008 by default. Windows 2003 Hosting will still available by sending request tickets to customer supports department. The new Windows 2008 hosting with IIS 7 hosting plans are available in SeekDotNet Windwos hosting / ASP.NET hosting plans, and Reseller ASP.NET Hosting plans.

Some of the brand new features in Windows 2008 hosting:

1) Strong Security Features:
Windows 2008 hosting high security innovations provide Network Access Protection for the hosting servers and also unprecedented levels of protection for network, data, and business.

2) Specially Configured For the Web:
With the IIS 7 integrated with Windows 2008 hosting, it provides easier web services management, user friendly and task based management interface, greater security and cross sites control.

3) Windows 2008 virtualization features:
With the virtualization features integrated, our customers can easily form a dynamic data centers and manage it according to their business requirements. Our customers can also take great advantage of all the benefits and cost savings of virtualization due to simpler, more flexible licensing policies. welcomes more new subscribers to sign up for the hosting plans offered and be part of family to enjoy the Windows 2008 privileges together!

If you need more information about Windows 2008 hosting, or have any enquiries to ask, please submit a support tickets to our customers care department at

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SeekDotNet provides a wide range of Windows hosting solutions, with a great many features, well beyond the basic web account, and well surpassing the competition.
SeekDotNet leads its competitors in offering customers, for instance, multiple-domain accounts. Multiple-domain accounts allow a customer to host multiple websites from one account, great for resellers, web designers and web developers, and their clients. Please visit for more hosting information.

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