Monday , 17 June 2024
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Smarter Mail Version 5.5 Available Now in All Hosting Plans! proudly announces the integration of the brand new Smarter Mail version 5.5 to all the Windows Hosting / ASP.NET Hosting, ASP.NET Reseller Hosting, Windows Dedicated Servers Hosting plans. Here are some main reasons of choosing the brand new Smarter Mail 5.5:

  1. Greatly Expanded and Enhanced Web Services:
  2. SmarterMail has always been at the forefront of automation through Web services (SOAP/API). SmarterMail 5.x adds dozens of additional user and administrative operations that can be accessed via control panels and other external applications.

  3. New Optimized Interface Design:
  4. SmarterMail 5.x introduces the entirely new STInterfaceFramework, a fully skinnable Web interface with Drag and Drop, right mouse click support, and optimized AJAX controls bringing desktop application performance to the Web.

  5. Enhanced Antispam System:
  6. SmarterMail 5.x delivers up to 98% spam protection out-of-the-box. SmarterMail 5.x antispam features now allow users to customize the level of protection with flexible configurations on multiple antispam processes.

  7. Enhanced Security:
  8. The new SmarterMail 5.x interface adds a new Security Section to support the existing security features and add even more protections. With the introduction of these new features, the security scheme will often be referred to as the “DETECT, PREVENT, and LIMIT” foundation.

    And Many Other New Features Available! believes that with the new integration of Smarter Mail 5.5, our clients will have the opportunity to have the new great experience of managing daily e-mail activities!

All existing Windows hosting plans / ASP.NET Hosting Plans, ASP.NET Reseller Hosting Plans and Windows Dedicated Servers Plans customers will be enjoying the brand new SmarteMail 5.5 automatically and immediately!

If you need more information about Smarter Mail 5.5, or have any enquiries to ask, please contact at .

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