Friday , 14 June 2024
Breaking News Upgraded The ASP Hosting Management System for Clients

Leading ASP.NET hosting provider – have launched new hosting management system for all new and current clients at

With this new web hosting management system, clients can now access to the portal that provide the most intensive web hosting related features in one place.

Here are some of the features that can bring to all clients with the new web hosting portal:

  1. Clients can now order / upgrade their current ASP web hosting / Windows hosting plan. They can also view and compare all the hosting plan fees at a glace.
  2. To receive the latest news and updates from, clients can now view the latest news updates directly from the web hosting portal, in fact they can subscribe to the latest news update via their own rss readers.
  3. There included with a download section list up related software / patches.
  4. Clients can view the whole list of web hosting related knowledge base which might be a possible solution for the problem they encounter. Or submit new ticket to support team for hosting inquiries which need special attention.
  5. For clients who wish to purchase new domain name, they can always check the availability of the domain name via the domain checker section. clients support specialist team believe that with this new web hosting portal, clients can now enjoy the convenience of handling their hosting inquiries and questions all in one place efficiently.

Clients can now subscribe the asp hosting plan directly from the portal or via the ASP web hosting plan features page.


SeekDotNet provides a wide range of Windows hosting solutions / ASP.NET hosting solutions, with a great many features, well beyond the basic web account, and well surpassing the competition.

SeekDotNet leads its competitors in offering customers, for instance, multiple-domain accounts. Multiple-domain accounts allow a customer to host multiple websites from one account, great for resellers, web designers and web developers, and their clients. For more windows hosting info, please visit

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