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SeekDotNet Announces Release of The SQL Server 2012

SeekDotNet, a reliable web hosting company specializing in ASP.NET hosting services, announces the deployment of SQL Server 2012 in its web hosting packages.

The SQL Server 2012 is brand new database management software from Microsoft that provides robust solutions for businesses to organize and secure company’s data in one large-scale framework.

Businesses are often must face complicated issues, whether it occurs inside the organization or related to clients and customers. For example, clients often want their data quality being improved regularly that can be a challenging task. With the SQL Server 2012 this process can be reduced this problem since it has the ability to enhance the consistency and accuracy of the data. The SQL Server 2012 works by cleaning out the data thus resulting in superior quality and enduring maintenance.

SeekDotNet now provides the SQL Server 2012 in all of web hosting packages, assisting all their web hosting customers on organizing, improving and securing business’ data. Making business decisions are the crucial steps that businesses need to take, mostly in short time. It requires accessing company’s data in easy manner to be analyzed and evaluated. The SQL Server 2012 has the excellent tool to do this. With the Power View, businesses will be able to excerpt data into PowerPoint presentations and bring updated information in every meeting.

There are also several other beneficial features, including Columnstore Indexes, Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM), Integrated Hadoop, Sequence Objects and many more. These features will make every business task more integrated and organized. The Columnstore Indexes feature allows end users to produce reports in real-time, meanwhile the maintenance will be more easy for less money. The BISM provides all tools for end users to do reporting, making scorecards, dashboard and custom applications. There are Power View, PowerPivot, SharePoint Insights, Excel and Reporting Services within BISM. Managing variable structured and unstructured data like email, social network feed, web logs and other text-centric information with old SQL Server was not very effective. But now with the Hadoop Integration, handling large volume data like these become more efficient.

SeekDotNet offers hosting packages bundle with the SQL Server 2012, including ASP.NET hosting, Reseller hosting and SharePoint hosting. This is to ensure that its customers can always have the latest technology included in their account. Businesses with all of important data from each department need a framework to manage and secure all of that data. And it can be achieved by implementing the SQL Server 2012. This robust data warehouse development merges everything together and makes sure there is no leakage. SQL Server 2012 keeps every data on its place and works as its best.

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