Monday , 24 June 2024
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ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) Framework Supported In All SeekDotNet Hosting Plans

Professional web hosting provider – proudly announced the integration of the latest ASP.NET MVC framework in all web hosting plans. is the first few hosting company that provide ASP.NET hosting plan that support the brand new ASP.NET MVC Hosting.

These are the upgrades that implemented in ASP.NET Model View Controller Framework:

1) It enables clean separation of concerns, testability, and TDD by default. All core contracts within the MVC framework are graphic interface based.

2) Everything in the MVC framework is designed so that it can be easily replaced /customized.

3) It includes a very powerful URL mapping component that enables you to build applications with clean URLs.

4) The MVC framework supports using the existing ASP.NET .ASPX, .ASCX, and .Master markup files. Customers and Technical Supports Teams believe that our clients will having more flexibility while developing ASP.NET applications with the ASP.NET Model View Controller framework.

Existing clients can build and deploy ASP.NET MVC projects into web server immediately. welcomes more new clients to sign up for ASP.NET MVC supported web hosting plans. For information on ASP.NET MVC hosting, please visit

If you need more information about this topics or have any enquiries related to ASP.NET MVC hosting, please contact at


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