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Understand more about ASP.Net

Understand more about ASP.Net

ASP.Net is actually one of many website related components that has been used as vital component on the internet and website related things. But unfortunately, not many have come to the understanding on what it actually is. To their ignorance, this website component is of utmost importance for every website and internet.

Without one, you will not be able to have full access on the internet and anything that is related to it. However, it is actually not related to the internet connection even though the website cannot be loaded with one. It is more like a programming language for the internet.

The Packages of ASP.Net

As stated before, ASP.Net is actually a programming language needed for all website page loading and anything that pertains to it. It is designed with the coding specifically made for website to be loaded and shown on the search engine.

Well, compared to other programming language, this one does have some comparative and relative advantage it takes pride. It has been designed to be compatible with pretty much every operating system you can name. That way, you do not have to worry about the website page being unable to be loaded since it is compatible with everything.

1. .aspx Pages

Overall, ASP.Net comes with three packages which have been designed to meet the need of all internet users. First of all, it comes with the .aspx pages or ASP.Net Web Forms. This package does provide the internet users or developer with the drop and drag service which suits those who look or Rapid Application Development. Besides, it is such a viably good option for those of the internet users who just start out in the website related business. On top of that, it is such a mostly used programming package many people do rely on, thanks to the practicality it has.


The next package the ASP.Net serves and provides is the ASP.MVC. Unlike the previous one which has been specifically designed for beginners on the matter of website programming language, it is made as the more professional programming language. With this package, you will be able to separate or screen the layer of business logic from the presentation layer of the same kind. As it is designed for more professional job, professional web developers can use this package on the ASP.Net to have fully control on the website, application, and anything that pertains to such matter.

3. ASP.Net Web Program

Compared to the previous two packages explained before, this package has the similarity with the first one explained above. It is due to the fact that the program handles much simpler job as the .aspx Pages and PHP pages. It is designed to create the website that comes with lightweight framework. Moreover, it accommodates many internet users who preferred PHP due to the coverage and expansion the PHP programing language does have on the first hand. But still, this programming language is better than the PHP page due to the coding it has.

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