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.NET Forge – A Robust CMS For Small & Medium-Sized Business

.NET Forge - A Robust CMS

The .NET technology is now has a new comer in its array of content management system (CMS), it is the .NET Forge CMS. The new CMS is a professional platform that comes with e-commerce means, ORM tools and MVC architecture that had been tried out in large projects.

The .NET Forge from Bitrix is an ideal CMS for blogging, online stores, corporate websites, community and news portals. It offers robust security and web application development framework based on Microsoft ASP.NET platform. If you choose to use this CMS, you will get some features, such as e-commerce features, content management tools, blogs, advertising, photo gallery, PRO+PRO security framework, social networking and many more.

You also can choose from two editions, the Community or Professional edition. The first edition will allow you build a website for free, whilst the professional edition which complemented with e-commerce module is competent in dealing with high-traffic websites and capable of being scalable in huge numbers.

Since .NET Forge is built on top of web forms, ASP.NET developers can still employ their legacy code and will be able to exchange their skills to develop this CMS. The site structure is defined by the physical location of files and folders. There are also ways to create a virtual site structure, e. g. to organize a catalog or news feed.

The latest version of .NET Forge is the version 6.0.8 which always being updated by the community members. The .NET Forge has some advantages including the Amber Ergonomics that being introduced in version 6.0. This feature allows web developers to take full advantage of performance, security and ease of management of web projects. It also offers multisite functionality that allows a single copy of the product to manage multiple web projects and domain names. All sites work on a single platform – that is – a single install of the application. This function works in virtual hosting environments, as well.

The version 6.0 also built with the cache dependencies technology that will automatically show new or modified data, without having to wait for the next scheduled cache update. Cache management is one of the main technologies in the product that makes the user experience friendly and convenient.

Meanwhile, the version 6.0.8 includes some features like customized Information block element creation forms, collaborative blogs and support of authentication and authorization via Active Directory / LDAP.

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