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For the past few years, ASP.NET has proved to be a very mature, stable and beneficial web development platform for all its users. However, with the recent new versions of the other systems now available in the market, the previous version of ASP.NET seems a bit aged. As a result another alternative of the ASP.NET was designed. The Model-View-Controller is the perfect ASP.NET alternative available.

An absolutely free web framework, ASP.NET MVC 2.0 offers you the complete control over your URL and HTML page. It is designed exceptionally by keeping both SoC (Separation of Concerns )  and testability in mind. The system aids AJAX scripting while also encouraging the test-driven development. ASP.NET MVC as compared to the runtime environment of ASP.NET offers you a completely different experience of using Web Forms. The new alternative uses the Web based variation from the MVC pattern while the 2.0 version works on both, Visual Studio 2008/.Net 3.5 and the Visual Studio 2010 /.Net 4.

Programs based on ASP.NET MVC usually use controllers and views. However, finally you have to decide on how the data will be passed for viewing and exposing your information to the other controllers. The requests made are mainly resolved by simply invoking the required method on the controller class. In order to service the user requests and save the page state, no postbacks and viewstates are required. Hence, no server controls are needed for producing the HTML pages. Above all, ASP.NET MVC in the IT services field is mainly based on handling the HTTP requests except the case that the URL string is treated in a different manner.

The URL in ASP.NET MVC points out to an action to occur and not to a simple file to be processed. Every single URL includes simple routing details especially for the front controllers in order to identify the main target controller. Moreover, ASP.NET MVC is not bound to both server controls and other similar rendering technologies.

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