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ASP Documentation Tool – Document Your Website Code Quickly

asp documentation tool
ASP Documentation Tool is a tool that is very helpful to create documentation for ASP web application source code. Although you can create a documentation by hand, but this tools will save a lot of your time. ASP Documentation tool supports VB script and Java script.

When you apply the code documentor on ASP Documentation tool, it will automatically create source code documentation in a number of formats:

  1. HTML Help format, allows the ASP web application’s documentation to be contained within a single file. It produced by the ASP Documentation tool and has a good index of code entities such as subroutines and constants, functions and fully searchable.
  2. Text format documentation, is useful to outline the basis of other documentation if you want to write for an application.
  3. HTML format, is effective to put a practical web application source code documentation reference on an intranet website. The source code is in full color coded using a similar color scheme used by Visual Studio when editing ASP source code.
  4. Microsoft Word/RTF format database documentation is great for printing and showing your line manager.

The ASP Documentation Tool can examine website code, making it much easier to determine how much work would be involved in porting ASP code to a different platform such as ASP.NET or PHP.

Documenting ASP web applications

Many ASP web applications make use of code compiled as ActiveX dll’s. The ASP Documentation Tool can identify where 3rd party and other components are called from within an ASP application. It is also able to document the Visual Basic 6.0 source code associated with ActiveX dll’s (provided its given access to the source code).

The ASP Documentation Tool supports all the major web application file types such as global.asa files, JavaScript include files (.js) and Cascading Style Sheets (.css). Important code entities such as Application and Session variables are identified within the code.

As well as the .NET C# or VB.NET source code, the .NET Documentation Tool can also document SQL Server, Microsoft Access or MySQL databases associated with an ASP web application. The documentation can therefore show tables, views and stored procedures associated with an application. For dedicated SQL Server database documentation, a SQL Documentation Tool is also available.

So if you want to save your valuable time then give the ASP Documentation Tool a go (a free trial version is available for download). A .NET Documentation Tool is also available – this documents any type of .NET Framework project or solution that was developed in either the C# or VB.NET programming language.


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