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5 Most Useful References .NET Core API version 2.0

References will help developer to connect into different platform. API is a package to create specific app. There are many API to fulfill project requirement. One of top examples is .NET Core API from Microsoft. Another function is for developing web API. You can use NET Framework to develop specific API for particular website. For this purpose, you need more than basic module, command, and strings when writing the code. In order to support such purpose, references are required to expand and connect into different properties or platform.

  1. VisualBAsic

There are several references to suit project goal. One of top lists will be Microsoft.VisualBasic. The name sounds familiar because Visual Basic is old component to integrate command into web-based app. Keep in mind that Visual Basic in this reference is not Visual Studio. You still create the app using NET Core without visual Studio. Another related reference is Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerService. It is compiler reference to help the app works properly. In general, this reference will help anything related to process to compile program via Visual Basic code.

  1. Data

This reference consists of several variations, but the main goal is data management created in ADO.NET. Data and database cannot be separated from app development. Simple web app will send and retrieve data when users access it via internet. When discussing data management, there are several things to consider.

For your information, NET Core API is not platform to create database. It is only platform to develop software with capability to collect data from database. In order to do such thing, the reference must be necessary. Database may be in different platform, but this API is still eligible to optimize data processing. The examples of this reference are System.Data.Odbc, System.Data.OleDB, System.Data.OracleClient, System.Data.SqlTypes, etc.

  1. Diagnostics

Activity and transaction happens while accessing the app. Users become member and their activity will be recorded. Good app will have diagnostic capability to perform many tasks. Diagnostic is crucial when developing app for financial transaction. It is a part of security and protection measures. However, reference for diagnostic activity helps developer to upgrade the app. This reference is able to collect data then analyze it. As similar to previous reference, System.Diagnostics has several derivative form such as System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis, System.Diagnostics.Tracing, and System.Diagnostics.SymbolStore.

  1. Composition

You can export library on NET Core API version 2.0 for other platforms. This is not easy task due to compatibility, but specific reference will help. It is called System.Composition. You need to keep all properties when exporting whether in the new or the same platform. This reference is good choice for such purpose.

  1. Collections

One app uses the same object such as list, table and array more than once. Instead of adding one by one, you can rely on this reference. It refers to set of certain object to reduce repetition. You do not have to write or add more object in the same properties.

Each reference has different functions, but important. Developing app is complex project that involves many aspects. Even though the app is small and simple, developer still requires almost all type of references from NET.CORE API 2.0 to let the app works properly. Therefore, good reference should fulfill the main goal of app itself.

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