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MojoPortal Hosting – Why Should You Use This CMS

mojoPortal emerge as best winner for “Best Other Open Source Content Management System”. Why many webmaster, developers recommend using mojoPortal?

After building many web applications you realize that a certain amount of this plumbing you are having to write over and over for each project. Most projects don’t allocate much development time for these things and you end up doing things the quick way rather than the best way.

Business stakeholders often can’t be bothered with the technical details, they want to see results quickly and they tend to judge the success of the product/project by how attractive the user interface is. So the developers are really the only ones who are going to notice the elegant design of the plumbing and often enough little emphasis is put on the elegance of the design.

When you need to build a web application you usually have some business functionality in mind but there is always a certain amount of web plumbing that needs to be implemented for things like navigation, authentication of users, security and roles.

Good News for Developers!

With all the reasons and problems faced by many web developers and users, mojoPortal have been customized with the following features to help provide the community with more flexibility in website development.

Some of the specifications that build in with mojoPortal API are:

* working with various databases in .NET (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite)
* implementing the different provider APIs for 2.0 .NET including:
* MembershipProvider
* RolesProvider
* SiteMapProvider
* VirtualPathProvider
* PersonalizationProvider
* using MasterPages, CSS, and themes to skin a site
* working with the ASP.NET 2.0 WebParts framework
* localization techniques
* and in general best practices in implementing enterprise class, fast and scalable web applications.

Users can now choose mojoPortal hosting compatible hosting plan to host the mojoPortal application. The web hosting plan at are tested and compatible with mojoPortal application. For more information, contact at

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