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Online Business: About Shipping Customers’ Orders

In online store business, since you can almost never meet up, of course you should send the products via delivery agents. Due to this, not only you, but your customers should also be careful and aware, so that the goods can be sent safely. Here are some things not to be missed.

Be Careful and Be Aware while Shipping

First of all, you and your customers should check the delivery costs. Explain to your customers, especially the newbie, that every shipping cost is different from one another. It depends on how many weights the products are and how far their locations are. If they are still not sure with your explanations, provide them the links of the delivery agent’s official website, so they can check by themselves.

Second, the customers should know that the products they are going to buy from your online store, have different packaging from one another. For example, if they want to purchase posters, tell them not to worry since you will provide a tube. So, the posters will not be either torn or untidy. You can inform them that the additional cost for the tube will not be wasteful since the posters will be safe. In addition, if they order something which can be fragile easily, such as mugs, photo frames, porcelain accessories, and so on, tell them that you guarantee it. By wrapping those goods with some bubble plastics or thick card boards, the products will be well protected.

Third, your customers should write their addresses as complete and clear as possible, so the packages can be delivered to the right customers. Ask them to put their phone numbers too, just in case the packages are sent when they are not at home. To anticipate if the packages have not arrived yet until the estimated time, tell them what agents which you use for delivery. So, your customers can take their packages themselves from the nearest agents in their cities. Do not forget to give them the tracking number of their products.

The last but not least, this is the most important thing which your customers should be aware of. Take some clear pictures of their packaging before you deliver them, so your customers can check by themselves that the packaging have been sealed very well. If it is unsealed or broken, they should complain to the delivery agents.

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