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How to Start a Business by Becoming a Reseller

Congratulations that your online store have been created successfully, and you have started a good way by being a re-seller of others’ products. Is that all? Of course not. There are still many things to be considered in order to develop your stores more. One of them is to be a responsible re-seller. How should you do that? Let us check!

Be Respectful to Be Respected

If you are interested in some candidates to be your workmate, do not immediately ask if you will get special price or not. First, ask them about rules on how to be their re-sellers. Ask them whether you may use their products’ pictures or not. Also learn from them on how you should explain more about the specifications of the products, just in case your customers ask you. In addition, ask them whether you can use your online store’s name as the sender of the package, and sort of. If you get all those permissions you have asked, do not forget to say thank you. By doing those things, your candidates will respect you more.

Besides that, as a workmate, you can also give them some feedback to make the products sold better in online stores. For example, if your workmate makes and sells the replica of Korean artists’ clothes and accessories, show them other designs which they have never made before. You can also help them to research what more designs or which artists the sellers love the most. It is much much better if you can make the designs on your own, so you can send your designs’ plans to them.

Moreover, do not only be the mates for working only, but also be their friends. Do not only talk about things related to business, but also talk about other things as friends mostly do. It will make both of you more comfortable to cooperate with each other. Besides that, if you also have your own products, promote to them, offer them some discounts they will get if they can help selling it.

In addition, if they have not had any logo for their stores yet, you can offer them to make it, or introduce them to your relations who can make it the best. In conclusion, do not only ask someone to do something for you, but do for them too. This way will make the cooperation better.

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