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How to Gain Customer’s Trust

It is not easy to gain trust from customers, especially if your online store is still new. First, it is because there are lots of liars who only want money and disguise themselves as owner of trusted online shops. Second, since you cannot directly face the buyers, smart customers may think that only writing is easy. Even students in early grades of elementary school can simply write,”I am a reliable seller.” So, how should you make the customers believe in you? Here are the strategies.

Action First, Talk Later in Online Stores

First of all, you should not mind about having pretty much outcome. Make a giveaway event as a celebration that your online store has been launched. For example, there will be three winners who will get free interesting gifts, whereas three or more other winners will get some vouchers which they can enjoy if they buy from you next time.

When you deliver the gifts, those winners will know the quality of your products, and they will promote yours. This way is pretty much effective, especially when you create your online store through social media. Moreover, if the winners take a picture of the products, give positive comments, and mention your online stores’ name, then their friends or followers will be attracted to visit yours.

Second, of course you have friends and relations. They have already known that you are trusted. So, start from them, if they do not mind helping you to promote your new online stores. It can be by inviting their friends, showing your products, giving free samples, and sort of. If their friends are interested to buy and later they can prove that your products have high quality, they will surely give positive feedback without your beg.

Every positive comments you get, always remember to capture or post them as the proofs that not all of new comers are cheaters. Still, be careful towards irresponsible buyers. They will complain about this and that without any reason. Due to this matter, do not forget to take pictures of your products plus the tidy and tight packaging when you are about to deliver them. So, they can see, also remind them that if you have sent the goods to the expeditions, then it will be their responsible , just in case the packages get damaged or broken.

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