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Deal with Customer’s Complaints in Online Store Business

Like it or not, and whether you really do the mistakes or not, you have to deal with customers’ complaints in online store business. It is especially because the buying and selling process is not being done in face-to-face way, so the customers will easily blame you. It is also true that customers are kings, but do not worry since you can defend yourself if the fault is not from you. Here are the strategies.

Various Complaints and Solutions

First, if your customers in your online store complain about your slow or late response. This condition commonly happens when they have transferred. Because the money is already yours, they will feel worried if you do not confirm it immediately. Due to this, you can simply remind them about the time you can be contacted. In addition, if you cannot response during those time, explain that you have urgent needs or if you have to work overtime, especially during the end of the month, tell them clearly.

Second, if the customers complain about the products. This situation usually happens if you sell the replica of official products. Because of this, make sure that you have already told them clearly about the details. For example, if the official one is in form of cotton fleece sweater which is thick, remind them that you have explained before that the product will be made of cotton combed T-shirt material with the same design. Moreover, re-send the link of your explanation about the products’ details.

Third, if the customers complain about the delay of the products. It will happen if you sell products who need a very long time in process, for example clothes. Always remind them that the estimation can be longer due to certain situations. If the clothes makers have urgent needs or overload orders, then the making will take longer time. Tell them that the result will not be disappointing.

In conclusion, for online store business, you have to be very careful and explain really detailed about the products you sell and the order’s rules. If you have explained all of them before, then it is totally your customers’ fault because they do not read it properly. So, it is better if you remind them to read the detail and the rules once more, before you give the total payment together with your bank account.


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