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Hashtags and Tweets Strategy for E-Commerce Marketing

Twitter is a popular social media everyone knows much. From Obama, Justin Bieber to Britney Spears, they have and use Twitter. With million followers, they share update news or have conversation with the fans, it makes Twitter become a very important place for us.
On Twitter, hashtags and tweets take a very important part for e-commerce marketing. You don’t have to be a famous celebrity or a controversial musician to get attention from netizens. You can make netizens get interest with your product or website content by make a great hashtags and tweets strategy. But how?

Make Account, Tweet Regularly
First, ofcourse you must to make account on Twitter. Then, after some interaction with followers, try to tweet regularly. It proves your account is attractive and active. If you want to make people know about your brand or product or your contents, tweet once a wee or once a month is a very very bad idea. Just be sure you are tweeting relevant or useful information so your followers will read, click on, retweet and/or favorite.
Use Hashtags Effectively
Hashtags make e-commerce marketing on Twitter become easier and better. Although Twitter hashtags only used on Twitter, but some social medias also support hashtag capabilities like Instagram, Vine, Tumblr. To use hashtags effectively, you can use it when you promote the contents or the brand. Don’t use al specsymbols such as, $%&*’ because it won’t be a perfect hashtag. For example, if a hashtag is #Johnny’sburger, Twitter will only recognize #Johnny as the linked hashtag. Beside the effective hashtags, don’t use hashtags too much for every tweets.
Follow trending topic
On Twitter, there are trending topics you can see and consider to follow. For example if the trend of hashtags tell about #FavoriteColor you can find a way to make a relevant connection to your brand. Tell about the products with color that maybe can be everyone’s favorite.
Be Honest On Twitter
Some people buy followers to become popular and known by netizens faster. But actually, become honest is the most effective way to do twitter marketing. It’s better if you get the followers because you’re close and have conversation with them, you know about them much and because your brand of product perfectly known by them.
Enlarge The Promotion
Enlarge the promotion of your e-commerce marketing. Don’t just use Twitter for make your brand of product become more popular. Use another ways like Facebook, Instagram or maybe make a website so your contents known by netizens. Make a lovely website and promote your products, keep posting and complete the whole details of products’ description. We totally sure you will get the best result for e-commerce marketing and make your brand become better and known by people.

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