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Why do We Need to Enable Domain Protection?

Talking about domain protection is always interesting because we can find many different opinions in which we have to enable this protection or not. Some people may think that domain protection is not necessary, but we have the different option for this thing. In fact, domain protection can hide the personal contact information from the strangers. We knew that a lot of people have the ability for accessing the internet. It means that they can potentially access your phone number, mailing address and email address.

Besides the reason above, below are some reasons why you have to enable the domain protection.

  1. Protect you important and personal data

Protecting the important and personal data is really important. That is why; we need the domain protection. Identity theft is a real threat for everyone that always work with email and website. Based on the data, every 2 seconds there is a new victim. That is why; it is better to enable your domain protection to protect some privacy like phone numbers, banking and some information that is shared on social media. Enable the domain protection will cover all your tracks with information of your proxy service.

  1. It can stop the Unwanted Solicitations

The second advantage of enable your domain protection is for stopping the unwanted solicitations. Making the list of personal contact information for domain is an open invitation that comes from the telemarketers, spammers, sales people and con-artists. If you enable the domain protection, there will be countless service that scrapes the domain name data fir contact information. Be careful of the scammers who can contact you when the domain is nearing expiration. They can do a lot of bad things to you and your websites.

  1. Protect your email address

Domain Protection can protect your email address really well. Generally, when you activate or use the private domain registration, your registrar will typically create an alias or a unique email address. This unique email address is used in place of your own. Usually, this email address doesn’t remain the constant and it fairly often to be updated. This way is done to make you stay away from the unsolicited mail from spammers.

  1. Prevent Domain Hijacking

Prevent Domain Hijacking is the other reason why you have to enable the domain protection. Domain hijacking is usually used to be a larger issue. We have to thank the domain transfer that is locked by most registrars after acquisition. With this lock set, anyone will be not able to transfer a domain away from the owner unless they can manage to get access to your email and domain registrar account.

Those are some reasons why it is essential to enable your domain protection. In addition, while that protection is enabled, the domain transfer authorization email will be sent to a dummy email address. It is really important to enable your domain protection because it is essential for your website, email and etc.

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