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Things you need to do After Registering a Domain Name

When you were finished in registering a domain name at domain provider service, there are still some other things that you need to do. At least, there are six things that you need to do after registering a domain name. What are those things?

  1. Register your business to become an online business Company

If you were registering a domain name not for a business need or if you had already registered your company, you can pass this step. If the site that you make is for business, you have to register it to become an online company in legal ministry that is related with your country.

  1. Make an email address

The next step is making the email address. It is because using email is now becoming an integrall aspect in a company. Email is not only essential as a business communication method, but it is also effective to give some information about the latest product and promotion. To make it is looked legal you have to make an email address by using your name at the back of the domain name. To make this, you can use the Gmail for Work.

  1. Start with Marketing Email

We know that nowadays media social is getting popular and some people assumed that email is out to date. In fact, that is not the right thing. With good mailing list management, it can be an important asset for website owner. People who are registered in mailing list are popular about product, brand and service from you and usually they are ready to buy.

  1. Make the Under Construction Page

If you registered a domain name lately and still not be able to make the website, you have to still make the domain name that was already registered. You can make the under construction page by describing about your business in a simple way. Besides that, you can add the countdown time until your official website is ready to launch.

  1. Create a naked version of your domain name

Generally, domain name must be typed with prefix of “www”. However, it is for sure that there are a lot of users who want to type fast without “www” and this thing is called the naked domain.

  1. Don’t Let the Domain Name Expire

Domain name can be gotten by renting it, not buying it. Usually, it is completed with a year contract and on the next year you have to pay the cost for each year. Remember for not forget to lengthen the contract. On 2003, the giant technology company, Microsoft, had ever forgotten to lengthen its domain name the “”. Fortunately, Microsoft did the re-registration after it is passing the date when the contract was over and there are no other companies that steal that domain name. That domain becomes the brand from Microsoft. That is why; it is really risky and dangerous if that domain was successfully stolen by the other Companies.

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