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How to Switch to Dedicated Server Hosting

Your business has grown the way you expected. Your database has increase so much that you need more space in the server. This could only mean that you need to switch from your old ordinary hosting to a dedicated server hosting. Although it sounds so simple as transferring data from one system to another, but it is not. This process involves some complications and that’s why many webmasters have done some common mistakes while performing this task. If you want to avoid these mistakes, then you should read the following guidelines.

Dedicated server hosting provides more advantages and features therefore you have to pay more money if you want your website to run by a dedicated server hosting. Considering all the benefits you will get, it is worth to pay the price.

What the first thing to consider before switching to a dedicated server hosting? Because your website means a lot for your business then the security of it is very important. In shared server, all the major security tasks are handled entirely by service providers, but in dedicated server hosting, you will be responsible for all types of security tasks. These tasks include changing security protocols every day, maintenance of security and other tasks to keep your server in top notch security.

Your website is all about data and if that data is corrupted or lost, then it would be a great loss for you. For this reason, you must back up your website data before switching the server. In shared server, backing up of data is done entirely by the service provider, but in dedicated server hosting you might not get this service. That’s why you must plan to back up your data when doing switching.

Viruses are the most dangerous thing to your server and to keep your server protected from these viruses, service providers usually handle virus scanning and anti-virus installation tasks in shared server. However, in dedicated server hosting you are on your own. This means, you must take every measure to protect your server from virus threats, you must handle the virus scanning yourself and install the anti-virus software and update it regularly if you want to avoid these virus threats.

Most service providers offer troubleshoot services to their client, whether they have shared or dedicated hosting. However, some service providers don’t offer such services in dedicated server hosting, which means the owner has to handle and fix any error and other technical problems by himself. This could be very complicated or impossible for you, if you don’t have any knowledge and experience in this task.

If you run a big business or a large organization and must host huge amount of data, a reliable dedicated server hosting is your choice. offers valuable hosting plans and services that will help you achieve your goals.

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