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What CMS that Suits to Company Sites

CMS or Content Management System is used by many types of sites, from the personal sites up to the company sites. Today on this article, we will talk more about the CMS that suits to Company Sites. As we know that there are various CMS that we can see at the present time. In fact, there are three different CMS that can be used to make the company site. Those CMS are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. However, which one is the best to make a company site?

1. WordPress
The first option is maybe the most popular one and it uses by many people in the world. Yes this is WordPress. At the beginning WordPress is only aimed for blogging activity, but as time goes by this CMS is used wider than the early aim in just for blogging activity. It makes sense because this CMS has many plugins and themes that make the WordPress functionality is being able to use as a web e-commerce (online shop, news portal, sales letter and even it can be used to make a forum. WordPress is also having a really easy installation process, especially for beginner. That is why; this CMS is perfect for small or big companies to make their sites. Besides that, WordPress has a really active developer’s community and there are thousands of free themes and plugins.

2. Joomla
If you wanted to make more complex company site, Joomla is the perfect option. This is the second popular CMS that is used by many people as well. Joomla has many interesting features that are so interesting. Joomla is more complex CMS than WordPress and it has a little bit more difficult adjustment as well. Similar with WordPress, Joomla also has many extensions for make its functionalities are wider than before. You can find many extensions that are free, but there also some other extensions that are sold with expensive price. By using Joomla, you can make the news portal, company sites, and online shop up to the online applications. If you wanted to make a little bit complicated website, Joomla is the right option for you.

3. Drupal
The third CMS that suits with company site is Drupal. Drupal is the oldest CMS than the other CMS above. Drupal was made on 2001 and this is the most popular CMS before WordPress and Joomla. However, if you thought that Drupal is an old CMS that is not having many interesting features, so you are wrong. Drupal is still developing many of its features until at the present time. This thing is supported by many volunteers and developers of Drupal.

Those are three kinds of CMS that you can use to make a company site. Actually, in choosing the right CMS is depended on the needs of your company site. If your company needed a simple website, you can use WordPress and Drupal. Meanwhile, if you need to make a company site with more complex display, so the right CMS that you can use is Joomla.

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