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Types of CMS for Online Store

Content management system (CMS) is not only useful for internet blogging or doing presentations, but also for building an internet marketing. CMS also provides special applications with many features to use for our online business. Let us check these out!

Top Five Online Shop Mates

The first kind of CMS for online store is Open Cart. It is one of open source kinds of CMS, suitable for stores which based on PHP. The display is simple, combined with suitable color on the front office display. For the back office, Open Cart has a navigation menu which is easy to apply. There are also many features, such as Shipping, Order, Catalog, Ticket, Coupons, and Report. So, you can simply click on what you want to post based on the categories provided. Moreover, if you want to download more templates and extensions, you can just browse them easily because Open Cart is well-known and used by many sellers.

The second one is Presta Shop. Presta Shop is a kind of CMS created by French user. It is also called as a Multi Language CMS since there are more than ten languages supported by Presta Shop. It is built based on AJAX and PHP. There are also a lot of features and widgets provided in this kind of CMS. In its back office, Presta Shop owns approximately three hundred and ten features you can freely use. Some of them are Reassurance, PayPal, Multi Store, Google Checkout, and Multi Languages. There will always be contributions from merchants all over the world per hour and there is no monthly fee to pay.

The third one is Magento. Magento is as popular as Open Cart and Presta Shop. It is an E-Commerce platform. There are two hundred thousands merchants all over the world which use this CMS application. It also has many variations of facilities as provided in Open Cart and Presta Shop. It also provides a free version from Magento Community Edition.

The fourth one is Uber Cart. It is also a solid E-Commerce which is open source and integrated with CMS Drupal. You can also build forum for your customers, so you can hold a vote of what products which they desire the most. The fifth one is OS Commerce. It can shows the order history, shopping cart, product reviews, related items, the best-selling items, full search engine ability, and sort of.

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