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How to Convert ASP.NET Variables to JavaScript

how to convert variables to javascript


Building a website can be easy and hassle free if you know what requirements you need. To do this you only need small money to subscribe to an affordable web hosting company. The next step is to choose a builder software. One building software you can try is ASP.NET from Microsoft which you can get for free.

ASP.NET was designed as a programming plan to make developing dynamic website easy by making the design process more modular. Since ASP.NET runs on a server, all codes are executed before JavaSricpt loads. However, you can incorporate ASP values in your JavaScript values, so that when the user executes the JavaScript events, the ASP values provides dynamic feedback when you save the variables to the JavaScript variables.

These are the instructions you can use to convert ASP.NET variables to JavaScript:


  1. Click “Start” and select “All Programs.” Click “Microsoft .NET,” then click “Visual Studio” in the list of shortcuts.
  2. Click the “File” menu item, then click “Open.” Click your ASP project file name, then click “Open.” The files for your ASP project load in the workdesk.
  3. Double-click the form that contains your JavaScript function. Click “View Code” at the bottom of the designer to open the HTML and JavaScript code.
  4. Type the following open and close tags for ASP script in the location of the JavaScript where you want the ASP variable to save:

<% %>

Your ASP code is added between these two tags.

5. Type the following code to convert an ASP variable to JavaScript:


The “=” sign tells the ASP engine to write the variable “ASPVariable” to JavaScript. Change “ASPVariable” to the name of your own variable.


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